Our Work

Below is a selection of case studies showing just a few of our clients and recent projects. We’ve worked with each client on an individual basis to shape their projects and ensure the finished creative reflects their brand to the highest degree.

After Eight Mints

For this star-studded advert, Reid and Casement gained access to the estates of these iconic historical figures to allow the brand to use their faces and footage to promote After Eight Mints in this unique, classic way.


A technically challenging brief, this advert featured a whole sequence compiled of many different surfing shots to achieve the look of a specially shot car surfing scene. All the footage had to meet tight technical editorial demands for which Reid and Casement had to establish what camera and lenses were used

Fosters - Get Some Australian In You

Reid and Casement were asked to supply the archive footage of the ship in rough seas, the ship in dock and the modern submarine. We worked to a very clear script and storyboard to find many different shots of each for the Director to choose from.

Fosters Backpacker

For this amusing Fosters script, Reid and Casement were asked to find archive footage of a dual cockpit period fighter plan; we’re pleased to say we found archive of the exact type of plane used in the reconstruction shots.


England’s famed 1966 World Cup disputed goal. For this script, Reid and Casement needed to find and clear footage that not only covered the goal but was also the best angle to suit an edit with additional footage – footage which recreated a Russian lineman eating a KitKat! We also had to gain the permission of FIFA and clear the England 1966 squad.

Ladbrokes Casino Shark

For this advert Reid and Casement had to view hours of Shark footage to find the perfect shots of divers interacting with the sharks, close action shots of the creatures and breaching sharks.

Ladbrokes Casino Lemur

Reid and Casement researched and licensed BBC lemur footage for this commercial, where during post production the client then mapped their own lemur from the footage.

Nike - A Little Less Hurt

This was a very exciting and demanding research project that lasted many weeks. Reid and Casement needed to find dramatic footage of professional athletes from a range of sports visually expressing pain and effort in pursuit of their sport. All sporting bodies and Federations who controlled the footage needed to be cleared and any sponsorship conflicts investigated.

Specsavers - Edith Piaf

Love or hate this commercial, Reid and Casement managed to overcome the often challenging area of clearing the rights of French intellectual property. We sourced two performances, cleared the preferred one, gained permission and a licence from the Edith Piaf legal estate, cleared and licensed the master and recording rights for the track – Non, je ne regrette rien.

SKY - Skier

Reid and Casement was asked by the client to suggest standalone footage that would work as a channel ident for SKY. We chose this extreme skier, which was a perfect fit for the brand.

Specsavers - Postman Pat

No film research required for this highly popular Specsavers commercial. Reid and Casement negotiated and secured the rights to allow Specsavers to authentically recreate their own scenes. We also cleared the music rights.

Specsavers - Thunderbirds

As with the Postman Pat advert, Reid and Casement negotiated and secured the rights to allow Specsavers to authentically recreate their own scenes and cleared the music rights.

Veet: Name Change

This showcases what Reid and Casement are best known for: the research and clearance of Hollwood films and stars. Here the rights were acquired for the use of the film “10” with Bo Derek – AKA Mary Cathleen Collins and “Seven Year Itch” with Marilyn Monroe AKA Norma Jean Baker.

Virgin Trains - The Return of the Train

A brilliant idea that was beautifully executed, involving lengthy research and clearances of the many film elements used and the stars featured. A TV commercial Reid and Casement are very proud to have been involved with.